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A New Approach to Art

Now offering online classes.

Anyone can learn to art! To you stickman artists I say challenge accepted! 

Having a creative outlet has many benefits physically mentally and emotionally.  If you have ideas for a class please let me know.

I am currently only doing one-on-one classes in person (Caledonia area- Nova Scotia) or on zoom. $40/1 hr class.

Some ideas of what I can teach: 

Starting Arting

It is STRONGLY recommended that you start here (or "The Fast Track" class). This class is appropriate for all skill levels and lays a foundation for the other classes. 

All About Colour

Are you intimidated by the thought of mixing colours? This class is a great one to take alongside the others

Beginner Acrylic/Oil

This class will focus on acrylic painting but many of the skills also pertain to oil. Where there is a difference this will be discussed. 

Beginner Watercolour

An exciting medium. I call it the stallion. Learning to make it do what you want can be a challenge but it's also a lot of fun to just hang on and enjoy the ride!

Drawing and Shading

A look at basic drawing and shading using graphite pencil or charcoal. 


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